“Kezia’s caring, her sensitive, intuitive touch, her ability to see and feel energy, as well as her subtle synthesis of different modalities, make her sessions powerful healing events!” – L.R.

“Kezia’s touch reflects her incredible sensitivity to energy at all levels. When receiving a treatment from her, I feel safe, nourished, exquisitely balanced, and deeply nurtured. Her ability to facilitate such a profound state of relaxation feels like a divine blessing and healing gift. Her touch is delicate and transformative. I highly recommend her work to anyone who has physical, emotional, or mental need for healing and/or rebalancing.... which is of course, all of us.” – T.H.

“When my dog, and best friend, Pupster was ill, and showing signs of congestive heart failure, Kezia did a healing session with him. By the next day he had rallied, and went on to live a half year or more. I will be forever grateful to her for her healing gifts.” – D. W.

“Kezia made a tremendous difference when our beautiful cat Gracie was very ill. Working with her was immensely helpful, both practically and emotionally. Kezia provided true hospice care, helping to make Gracie’s end of life transition as free of stress and pain as possible.” – J. H.

“Through Kezia's insightful guidance, I have gained an amazing sense of self-confidence and belief in myself. Each session - whether by phone or in person - leaves me feeling energized, empowered, and clear on what I need and want to do with next steps. I am continually gaining new levels of self-awareness and achieving deeper levels of fulfillment in all areas of my life. Intuitive questions, recommendations for deeper work, and a compassionate, non-judgmental approach...that's Kezia.” – E. W.