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Intuitive Life Coaching

During the years I worked as a professional artist, I belonged to an innovative National coaching community called the Artist Conference Network. I was a participant for over a decade, and for some of that time was in position of leadership. I experienced first hand the transformational power of non-judgmental coaching and witnessed the profound openings and breakthroughs coaching could help manifest in one's life.

Though I have always been intuitive and creative, it was around the time I became a Reiki Master that I made a serious commitment to pursue a spiritual path. Since then my intuitive skills have blossomed. Along with hands on energy work, my sessions combine my experience as a coach with my empathic, intuitive abilities to use my "Higher Sight."

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Several clients choose to use me strictly for Intuitive Life Coaching, but the most typical session will begin with a period of conversation, serving to illuminate current life patterns and issues. The Reiki that follows builds upon the coaching, furthering the release of that which no longer serves, bringing higher healing light into multiple levels of body, mind and spirit.

I truly love what I do and consider it to be a privilege. My intention is always to empower, to assist clients in remembering and realizing their dreams. I compassionately support them through the rough patches, and help them to step into lives of greater wholeness, balance, integration, fulfillment and joy.