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Reiki for Pets

Reiki, along with several other complimentary modalities, is now being used to augment traditional veterinary medicine. Pets really seem to enjoy Reiki because of its soothing, calming effect, and often fall asleep during a session.

The beauty of Reiki is that it is noninvasive, and can be done hands on, or can be beamed from a slight distance. Pets typically bask in the energy, utilizing it for their highest level of healing.

Reiki can be used to help boost immune response, speeding recovery from surgery, accident, or illness and Reiki can help release physical and emotional trauma, often present with rescue animals.

It assists in providing relief from pain, arthritic or otherwise, can ease anxiety, and energizes and revitalizes aging pets. It is also highly beneficial in helping an older pet, in the final phase of life, transition more peacefully and smoothly.

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I generally allow an hour for a session, which includes greeting your pet, speaking with you, the owner, and doing hands on, or hands above, Reiki. Your pet usually decides when the session is over, and will get up, indicating they have absorbed enough.

I always do sessions with pets in the pet's home, because it is important they feel safe and comfortable. I have studied animal communication, and my skills as an intuitive help me empathically tune in to your pet's needs during a session.